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Processed steel plate is our only product. Unlike other distributors, we don’t sell stock size – we live to process. Our sales department, production control, plant and warehouse, even shipping are all structured and arranged to handle any and all requirements for cut plate. From a simple flamecut ring to a semi-finished part with multiple processes, everything we produce for you is handled by a team of experts and an array of equipment that is unmatched anywhere.

flame cutting

  • Cut up to 40 thick
  • Contour and straight-line beveling
  • Custom multiple-view cutting
  • 11 multi-torch CNC machines
  • Close tolerance cutting up to 120 wide x 800 long
  • We can flamecut your forgings to shape
  • Saw cut to 32” thick
  • Multiple-view sawing
  • Lengths up to 242”; longer on application
  • Zero heat affected zone
  • Stress relieve, anneal, and normalize to 115" x 283"
  • Quench and temper to Custom heat treat cycles on application
  • Let Oliver heat treat, and eliminate the risk of quench cracks
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  • Press flattening to 500 tons 108” x 240”; larger on application
  • Our standard flatness is half of ASTM
  • Milling capacity to 106” x 310”
  • Rotary (Blanchard) grinding to 165”
  • Close tolerance surface grinding to 84” x 220”
  • Tensile Testing
  • Impact (Notch Toughness) Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing
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