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Carbon Plate- ASTM A 572
Standard specification for High-Strength Low-Allow Columbium-Vanadium Steel

First issued in 1966

This specification covers structural shapes, bars, sheet piling, and plate to be used for construction of bridges, buildings, and other structures.

For certain applications, notch toughness may be an important requirement and should be addressed at the time the order is placed.

This grade has higher tensile and yield strengths resulting from the addition of small amounts of one or more alloying elements. The choice of alloying element, whether columbium, vanadium, nitrogen, or a combination of these is at the option of the producer unless otherwise specified.

General requirements for delivery
Material shall conform to the requirements of ASTM A 6.

Chemical Requirements (plate only)

Chemical Requirements

Single values are maximums. A maximum of manganese of 1.50% is permissible, with an associated reduction of the carbon maximum of 0.03%. Subject to product analysis tolerances in ASTM A 6.

This specification allows for four different types of alloy content to achieve the required strength levels. Most producers today choose to make Type 2, unless otherwise specified.

Type and Alloy Element

Tensile Requirements (plate only)

Tensile Requirements

*Adjustments to elongation requirements may apply depending on plate width. These values are for plates 96” wide as rolled.

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